Alopecia Areata
Alopecia Areata
ARQ-255-126 Enrolling

Investigational Treatment for Alopecia Areata – Clinical Trial (17 Weeks)

Treatment: Topical Age: 18-70 Years

Recruiting adults 18-70 years of age (inclusive) with a clinical diagnosis of patchy alopecia area (AA), affecting 40-75% of the total scalp for a clinical trial. The duration of the current episode of AA should be greater than 1 year, but less than 10 years, with no evidence of regrowth. Eyebrow involvement is allowed. Eligible participants must not have other scalp skin diseases that may interfere with study assessments (eg, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis).

Participants will receive investigational topical treatment (active study drug) or a placebo.  Reimbursement for time and travel may be provided.

Study participation will last approximately 17 weeks and involve about 7 visits to the study centre.

Participating Locations

United States

Participating Experts

Dr. Matthew Zirwas


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